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Job & Career Resource Directory

Colleciton of great Job and Career resources completely safe & free

Welcome to the Jobs & Employment Directory, which will serve as a central hub for all things job, employment, and career. The employment pages here included paid employment and unpaid employment such as internships. Our directory’s focus is to provide all people access to safe and free employment resources without invasive advertising, deceptions, or endorsements. We have grouped all our job and career resources into categorizes which are accompanied by a brief description for your convenience.


Major Job Websites

All major job boards and job search engines serving a worldwide audience, which focus on many types of jobs and / or many career fields.

State and Government Job Websites

All state and US federal government job board or job search engines.

Focused Job Websites

All Job market focused job boards and job search engines.

Geographical Focused Job Websites

All geographical specific job search engines, which focus on a specific market such as city, state, territory or region.

Flexible Job Websites

All job board and job search engines focusing on telecommuting, part-time, or flexible jobs.

Work at Home Job Websites

All job boards  and job search engines focusing on employment from a location other than work.

Paid and Unpaid Internships Websites

All job boards or search engines aimed at paid and unpaid internships.